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Midwest Elite Concerts Presents

The Angelina Art Show

June 4

6:00 pm


Doors at 5PM

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After 17 years of successful business as a stylist at a high-end salons. Angelina thought that’s what she would do the rest of my life. But, after multiple toxic relationships, resulting in years of manipulation, controlling and abusive behavior. She found herself, standing there once again alone in my kitchen. A single mother of two daughters, left with a broken mess, no confidence in herself in making the right decision, with zero worth or self-esteem. Lost, no career, no money, no one to help and all the mess left her my hands. “It felt like I had been trapped for so many years, fighting to have a voice again. Fighting to find the light and love that used to radiate so brightly.” Then she suddenly found herself, for the first time ever drawing faces on a chalkboard. Just moving, not worrying about what would come out. Trusting in herself, for the first time in what felt like forever, to let whatever out and be able to move forward from there. “I found something freeing, it gave me hope again. Abstract art was something that wasn’t going to control me or tell me I wasn’t good enough.” With fearlessly bright colors and unconventional bold lines, she will take you on a fast-paced journey, evoking many emotions. Abstract Angelina uses portions of her proceeds to fund her non-profit The INA Art Foundation.

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