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Bass Pattys

EZB + More

March 14

9:00 pm

$5 ADV / $8 DOS

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EZB is a simple way of just saying “be easy” as in good vibes or namaste. Starting music at a very young age it became apart of me even before I knew how to press play. My journey has grown into a love and desire to spread the gift of music. My goal is to show everyone that life is beautiful and as bad as it can gets music can full that empty spot. I started on vinyl back in 2005 spinning hip-hop at a skating rink. learning the craft of beat juggling, beat matching, scratching and much more. I began to become obsessed with they way it made people gain energy and dance. I launched off in the EDM scene in 2013 with Traktor scratch pro, I then realized after countless hours of research that if i wanted to play electronic music using vinyl wasn’t for me. One birthday I noticed the Traktor F1 controller and was stunned by what it’s capabilities where. After purchasing 1 F1 I quickly found that I had not a clue how to work it and gave up almost immediately. About a year later one of my biggest influences came into my music loving life, After that The idea came crashing into me like a truck! Bassnectar! After seeing several shows and listening to the craft and style Lorin put off I was amazed and open to an entirely new dj style. I quickly learned bass music was where my heart was. I began listening a finding all genreas of music that I could incorporate into this sound. Listening to the sound and mixing that I knew i wanted to one day achieve I realized there was no possible way that two turntables or better yet two CDJ’s could ever produce what I was dreaming of. The F1 came out of the wood work, researching how this F1 worked it quickly became my new DJ method and it took off from there. I purchased a Z2 mixer and a second F1 and X1 to complete my set up. I began cutting up songs and slicing acapellas and remixing music on the fly and in much time tweaking this craft I created my own mixing style as my biggest influences had. I now had the world at my fingers, while I play each and every set im in love with what I have discovered. Im not even sure Traktor knows there own invention could be used this way, But thats why its so special. Having a unique edge and new way of mixing has taken my production and mixing to a whole new place. With every set and every clip launched I continue to strive to make the next best remix or mashup along with my own beats and songs! If you have read all this I thank you and you are a true fan of my craft and the wonderful gift of music. Much Love to you and ALL BE EASY.

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